Thanks to its complete production cycle, which includes choice of fabrics, design and production of finished garments, MKF can offer its services as a company specialized in the design and production of customized clothing lines and collections for cyclists, offering its customers a complete range of services, including the best production techniques: Italian know-how, qualified personnel, equipment and flexibility in design and production procedures.

All items are customized exclusively around the needs of its customers, thanks to the graphics department that works at the collections, adapting their design to the most different needs and changes.


Passion, skill, quality, professionalism, innovation: terms which nowadays are abused, but that well describe the philosophy followed by MKF in interpreting what is both a job and a passion: the production of garments for competitive and non-competitive cycling and for leisure time. These are the factors, together with the search for technologically advanced fabrics and finishes, which enable us to confront the world of cycling, steadily changing and with constantly more prepared and demanding customers.

In addition to focusing on innovation and quality, we are always very much concerned with design which, in the field of technical sport garments, more than in other areas, walks hand in hand with the technical aspect of the garments produced. In fact, every insert, every drawing, every kind of shape of a garment makes sense only as these correspond to a specific material and to a specific function for the person who wears that garment. So inserts become air intakes, bands represent rods for the muscles, drawings hide air leakages for ventilation purposes.

A set of ideas and research techniques that anyone who wears our garments well knows and that guarantee the quality on which MKF bases all its rich production.

MKF also offers a customization service of garments and collections, in order to satisfy the most demanding customers or needs in terms of colour, size and dimensions.


The internal management of MKF production passes through the various segments that make up the production cycle, each serving specific aspects to which they are intended and for which they are highly organized and prepared. These include: choice of fabrics, garment design stage, stitching procedure, finishing, finishing up and total completion of the garment.

The extensive organization of the production cycle can consistently deliver products that meet the customer needs, and that both meet and sometimes exceed the parameters established by the standards on safety, environmental protection and health.

The connection between the productions segments allows for quality control and adherence to standards at the end of each specific stage of processing, which allows to obtain a final product of high quality in every aspect, from any perspective you look at it.


Design and technical drawing department

Laser cutting machines

Traditional cutting machines

Embroidery and stitching department

Silkscreen and transfer printing

High-tech department: TPU and bonded

Final quality control

Packaging and shipping department