All garments produced by MKFare also the result of investments made in scientific research and technology, in the accurate selection of materials, in the attention to details aimed at a high quality of performance, comfort and fit, even and especially in extreme situations such as very poor weather conditions and physical stress.

Specific guarantees and positive feedback coming from sport teams and individual athletes continually test our garments in competitive, non-competitive cycling and extreme tourist-cycling contexts. We consider their opinions as extremely valuable, often leading us to reflections, revisions, new openings and in general to evaluate technological solutions which would otherwise be difficult to consider if they did not come from “on the road” tests.

The high reliability of our products is guaranteed by the quality of the materials used and skillfully combined together, but also by the care with which these materials and fabrics are assembled. The experience in the specific field of fabrics and materials, developed by the Borgognoni family, has proved in this sense very important before approaching the technical world of technical cycling.

The range of our fabrics does not exclude, however, the possibility of creating garments which are fully customized also as for the choice of materials, that can possibly be reported by the customer.

Last but not least in order of importance is the choice of professionals who take care for the sewing of garments, aspect in which MKFcellence thanks to its knowledge and to its care in selecting its staff, as it considers the technological aspect related to materials used to make the garments of equal importance to the methods by which these materials are held together.

These factors allow us to produce comfortable, technologically advanced and resistant garments, fitted with a refined design.

Following is a brief presentation of the materials and fabrics, which together make up the clothing collection of MKF .


Ideal for intermediate temperatures. Lightweight, breathable and elastic, è is a fabric composed of two layers, with a membrane which proves resistant to wind and water. The rain fabric è is a more lightweight version of the AIR-0 membrane.


The innovative properties of this polyester microfiber offer incredible opportunities. The lightness and softness of the JUST Microtex fibers redefine the comfort and set new standards in the performances of the garments. The easy wearability and drying rapidity characteristics of Just Microtex bring freshness, functionality and practical versatility to the garments throughout the year. Just Microtex è is a lightweight and breathable material, especially suited for high temperatures.

High Compression MESH

Tenacious and high-compression alveolar fabric, specifically designed in our laboratories, used as an insert in pants at the thigh and used to get a maximum compression and stimulation of the athlete’s muscles, ensuring high-level performances. This special mesh, coupled with a flexible AIR-0 membrane, with bi-directional and breathable elasticity, is also used for winter pant inserts.
This special mesh, coupled with a flexible AIR-0 membrane, with bi-directional and breathable elasticity, is also used for winter pant inserts.


Special flexible polyurethane foil, laser-cut into various shapes to be applied with hot glue (Bonded), on garments in strategic points for muscle compression.
Colored to give the garment a sporty and charming, or reflective to ensure high visibility at night.

Cool DRY

Specific treatment for fabrics of jerseys and PADS.
This special treatment, used during the finishing of the fabric, ensures that the fibers of the fabric, when getting in contact with moisture, swell to get a greater absorption of sweat quickly transferring outwards, so that the skin in contact with the fabric remains dry at all times.


This garment was made ​​with air-o, a special polyurethane microperforated membrane, characterized by a considerable resistance to cold and wind, high breathability and water resistance. AIR-0, the only ally against cold. It 's a windproof, waterproof, soft, light, flexible and durable membrane fitted with an excellent breathability. Of great comfort, warmth and versatility. Our winter garments are entirely made with this membrane, without cuts, to guarantee the maximum performances at all times.


100% micro-aerated special antibacterial treatment used for all pads of our pant line.


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